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  • How long before I receive my order?
    As soon as you place your order we will arrange to have it engraved (where appropriate). Typesetting and engraving can take up to five days, and you should allow a further five days for your order to be shipped to you. In total therefore, it is likely to be ten days before you receive your order, although we do not guarantee this. Please ensure that you place your order in good time, particularly if ordering a gift for a specific event.
  • Does the glass come in a presentation box?
    All our glass is shipped in presentation boxes unless stated otherwise.
  • Do you offer gift wrapping?
    We do not offer a gift wrapping service, although if the order is a gift to be shipped direct to the recipient, we can include a short, handwritten note.
  • Can I order unengraved glass?
    We can supply all of our glass unengraved although we do not offer a discount for this.
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