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About the Designer 


Engraving on glass is not just decoration, it is a marvellous process of revealing the light within. I started glass engraving as a teenager which opened my eyes to the beauty of glass. And being mentored by two of the best glass engravers working today has cemented my respect for this complex and beautiful craft. 

I decided to start the company to provide a collection of ideal glass shapes, both pure and unadorned as well as engraved, with unique designs that draw on the beauty in nature and design. Glass is one of the wonders of civilisation. Its beauty and sparkle with reflected light make it one of the most special materials we enjoy today.

The Company's Purpose

One of life's great pleasures is the enjoyment of eating and drinking and our purpose at Tara Hamilton is to help you make the most of your experience by providing you with beautiful vessels. All of our glass is made in the finest quality hand blown glass and crystal by manufacturers committed to the highest professional standards. We collaborate with caterers and wine professionals to find the best shapes that work for you, to enhance your enjoyment of their use. And certain centrepiece items are offered with bespoke personalisation for special gifts and occasions, which will become the heirlooms of the future.

We know how precious the moments are of getting together to celebrate, entertain, and to provide for our friends and family. We hope you will let us contribute to your enjoyment.

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